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Anni Albers' tapestry Wallhanging, 1925 is the inspiration for this watch by projects watches. The design interprets her tapestry as mesmerizing layers of circles, which turn as the minutes pass. Color blocks from the tapestry become indicators of the time: red for the hours, blue for the minutes, yellow for the seconds. 

Anni, a foremost textile designer of the 20th century, made major innovations in the field of functional materials. An adventurous graphic artist and important figure in the Bauhaus, she took printmaking technique into a previously uncharted territory.

Original Work:
Anni Albers
Wallhanging, 1925
Wool, silk, chenille, and bouclé yarn
93 x 37 3/4 in. (236 x 96 cm)

RRP $ 189.00

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