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Even Keel

En Tsao is a maker of vegan clay skincare with a studio in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Singapore, she infuses her eastern roots with western herbs to primarily focus on formulating minimal products that specializes in the different clays of the earth.

With over 10 years of experience making topical, natural skin food, her passion grew from the humble beginnings in her college kitchen as an art major, which continued through her design career before having a full-time space in her heart as the founder and maker of Even Keel. 

She enjoys the quiet presence of plants and loves Petitgrain a little too much.


Expedition soap set / $32

Getting out of town? Your skin shouldn’t have to deal with waxy hotel bar soaps just because of the TSA.
Just going upstate for the weekend? Add a little glamp in camp by grabbing a cube to go. With daily showers, each lasts 7-10 days.

Our travel set also gives you the opportunity to sample all our clay types to find your perfect match. Batched Small
, cubes may vary in color and design – like a box of chocolates.


Essential Oil Diffuser: 03 / $23

An energetic, lively blend of citrus peels and Indian Lemongrass, grounded by notes of Indonesian Clovebud and Japanese Cypress. 

FROM THE PLANTS :Our scents are concocted with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. We do not use fragrances or isolates.

CONSCIENTIOUS WICKING :We took the time to find a base that is Dipropylene Glycol free and VOC compliant so you can breathe with ease.

BATCHED SMALL: Batched in small quantities to deliver our scents as fresh as possible to you.


Wanderlust Salves set / $18

Made with just 5 ingredients – our herbal oils, beeswax and essential oils, made to be used anywhere, anytime.

The Set

ALKANET ROOT LIP BALM : Colored naturally, the hue of Alkanet root is a lovely shade of pink. Sheer and translucent with healing Tea tree oil for all-day reapplication.

ATLANTIC KELP REVERIE OINTMENT : We've infused a dreamy blend of Lavender, Amyris, Cedarwood and Clove to soothe nerves. Massage gently into temples before bed or any time you need a little calm in your day.

S.O.S HEAL ALL SALVE : Healing antiseptic oils of Lavender and Clove. Not tinted, plain and simple. Use it anytime, anywhere that needs some extra TLC.


Clay Slip Mask Set / $49

Our bottles of clay comprises of pure French Rose, Moroccan Red and Dead Sea clay with a small percentage of Arrowroot powder for better oil absorption. We use no fillers and keep it simple.

FITS ANY BEAUTY ROUTINE: Need a quick fix? Just add water or our activator. Want to step it up? Choose from our evolving list of simple recipes (click here) you can make fresh using our clay bottles.

HOW LONG WILL THESE BOTTLES LAST ME? Don't let it's size fool you – one set will last you 25 mask sessions (calculated with generous scoops!)

The Set includes: 

• our clay trio

• hand-painted ceramic mixing tea bowl

• raw wooden spoon

• activator

RRP $ 32.00

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