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Andrew Wyeth's Helga suite reflects the artist's fifteen year exhaustive study of a single model. The series became an immediate sensation in the art world when it was first revealed to the public in a 1986 cover article in Time magazine. Since then its broad exposure far exceeds that of any other single groupings of paintings and drawings by an American Artist. Other than an artist's own words, no one can definitely say why an artist chooses to paint a certain subject, or chooses to paint the subject in a particular manner. Maybe it was the quality of Helga Testorf's features that caught Wyeth's eye, or maybe it was simply the convenience of her availability as a neighbor to be his frequent model.Donald Kuspit's reflections on Wyeth and The Helga Pictures bring a truly refined level of insight and interest to these much-discussed works of art.

When The Helga Pictures premiered at Washington's National Gallery of Art in may, 1987, it was viewed by well over a half-million people. Since then selections of the collection have circulated throughout Japan and the United States over an eighteen year period, culminating with this 2004 limited edition catalogue accompanying its 2004 - 2005 tour where it was exhibited at The University Art Museum, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Louisiana; the Canton Museum of Art, Ohio; and the Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Introduction by David Furchgott, President International Arts and Artists. Text by Donald Kuspit.

Hardcover, 97 pages. Features 70 plates.

RRP $ 39.95

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