Bittersweet Oak Colossal Taper


Stick Candles

(*candle only - no holder/ Single)


13  Inches Tall  ~ Universal Base fits 7/8" to 1" Receptacle

17  Hour Burn Time

Our Bittersweet Oak Colossal Taper is a Singleton with the weight and presence of any pair of tapers.

A Bittersweet Vine grows around the rough bark in a spiral, and remains in place while the candle burns down.

Like our Pillar Candles, each Vine Candle is unique.

A “wash” of White Chocolate wax is sent through the mold before the base color is poured, highlighting the texture of the bark and the vine.

It’s really special.

It’s my favorite Stick Candle

RRP $ 34.00

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