"If Picasso Went to the Zoo" by Eric Gibbons


Fire House Publications with Eric Gibbons

This book was conceived, written, and illustrated by 50 art teachers from all over the world who share a passion for art history and teaching. After the amazing success of Gibbons' first book, If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree, this follow-up book was created. 

Each teacher has emulated an artist of his/her choosing from history and includes an alliterative animal in a way that honors the work of that artist. By combining art, history, science (zoology) and poetry, this book becomes a unique resource for inter-curricular teaching. A combination of art genres is used, from the Renaissance era to modern works, which may bear little resemblance to zoo animals! These art teachers, from elementary level to high school, created these delightful illustrations to share and educate.  

 ALL images in this book are NOT the work of the famous artists we have mentioned. These are emulations by art teachers with a zoo/animal theme. We gather our work collectively here in the hopes to educate people about the rich traditions of art history, and hopefully to inspire our readers to learn more about these amazing artists as we attempt to honor them here!

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