Hoagie Haven

"Tell me more about Hoagie Haven. There's no better place to get a hoagie. Spices? SaltPeppaKetchup?…Next, next in line. Where good friends meet to eat…mmmm, this is good. I think I'm in Haven. Haven, I'm in Haven...Haven for a hoagie? Okie dokie. Hoagie Haven. Good choice. Going back to the early 1970's (when the current sign on the outside was new), Hoagie Haven was the first to serve up large hoagies in the Princeton area. With help from Italian People's Bakery, Uncle Haven demanded a larger and larger roll to fill with delicious foods. Finally, when the roll couldn't fit on the counter, they knew it was big enough. By keeping it in the family, Uncle Haven's nephews, Mike, Niko and Costa Maltabes are now running the business." -http://www.hoagiehaven.com



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