Ivy Inn

"Who We Are: In August of 1966 a young man and bartender of the Ivy Inn was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: to buy the business. At just 25 years old he was un prepared financially to make that purchase. Through the help of his family pooling together whatever money they had set aside, the bar was acquired. And so began a family business that continues to this day.

That young man was L. Richard ‘Dickey’ McCluskey. The bar was located at 254 Nassau Street, the current home of Small World Coffee. In June 1973, through hard work and dedication, Dickey was able to purchase the property at 248 Nassau Street, the then home of the Flying “A” gas station. In January 1975, after renovations were completed, the Ivy Inn as you know it today opened its doors.  The amount of booze dispensed since then is currently registered with the Guinness Book of World records. Just checking to see if you’re paying attention….the former is (unfortunately) not accurate." - ivyinnprinceton.com


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